Daz Studio and Poser Stuff - Request Thread

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17 April 2013


I would like to introduce everyone to a new KAT social group that will serve as an expansion of this thread. Be aware, the thread is approaching 900 pages, and at 999 it gets locked. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join the new group. Just visit and request membership. When this thread is gone, that's all she wrote. But we can live on in a more expanded format. http://kickass.to/community/...dio-poser-content-community/ Hope to see you there.

Please Read And Follow These Guidelines

Those who upload, please *DO NOT* link images to your torrent description directly from the website that sells these items, whether it is Daz3D, Renderosity, etc. Direct image links like that can be used to track people. Post links *ONLY* to the main page for those items, not image links. Thanks.

The original thread by AalimaMalak has been closed. This is a continuation of her very well-respected work.

We would like to ask that people please be courteous and fair. If you get something, try to upload if you can. If you can't or won't upload, at least seed what you get. At least seed to a 1.0 ratio, more if you can.

Let's keep this little community growing AND COURTEOUS. smile
Also, if you upload, try and name your upload according to which software package it is intended to work with. (eg. Daz3D if it works for Daz Studio, and Poser if it works only for Poser. Both if it works in either).


A note about searching for content on torrent sites..
Try searching for "DAZ3D Poser" / "DAZ 3d Poser" / "Daz3d" / "Poser" if you are looking for something but can't seem to find it. There is *A LOT* of 3D content here on KAT, so you may have to search a bit.

A Big Help is to set your KAT search defaults to sort with latest uploads first. To do so: 1. Click on Settings; 2. Click on the Browsing Tab; 3. Set Torrents per page to 200; 4. Set Default sort mode to Date Added and Descending!

Another Big Help is to search for DAZ3D Poser (with nothing after), press enter, and then click on the address bar. Finally, click and drag the small graphic down to your SHORTCUT BAR and drop it. This will give you a link back to the latest DAZ3D Poser files uploaded with a single click. titter

And Finally, a shoutout to Jolly_Roger for his help and suggestions, including helping me tweak my thread header.

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11 March 2013
Loosing demonoid really hurt. Appreciate what you have uploaded, it has helped allot.
Return To The Enchanted Forest http://www.daz3d.com/return-to-the-enchanted-forest
Jungle Ruins
Japanese Tea Garden & Tea House bundle
Kochi Castle
Takara Shrine
Dragon Princess
Dragon Touched for Dragon Princess
Dynamic Ninja Suit for Michael 5
Dynamic Kimono
Newer items I have. Ryuu for M5, Asian Persuasion, Stalker Girl Hair, Leah for V5, Anime Dress for Genesis, DAZ Dimension Lights 1, Asian Faces, Xiao Wen for V5.
Never uploaded a torrent, but I would defiantly do what I could to help you out.
ACE011506 Uploader
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11 March 2013
Thanks for the sets. I uploaded the the lights, my first upload not sure if it worked. Let me know if there is a problem.
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27 February 2013
reality 2.5
garibalri hair system
SCanyon18 Uploader
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13 March 2013
Thanks for everything so far... I've been looking forM5 elite skin texture, Gen 4 shapes for genesis, Gen 3 iconic shapes for Genesis, Sensual skin resource for V4 and V4 and M4 shapes for genesis.
SaintOfSin141 Uploader
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13 March 2013
Awesome idea! Thanks so much for adding this. Personally, I would be beyond delighted for *any* guy stuff you may have available. Even if the majority of DAZ/Poser users are not into it, it definitely has a place.
A couple of items I have available:
Mestophales Battle Dragon
Lord General for Genesis
Cape and Masks for Supersuit (Genesis)
Cyborg Model 4
Cyborg Version 4
The Gorgon for Genesis
The Gorgon Extreme
Look At My Hair (virtually useless, though, is this product requires a serial number that is unique to the purchaser)
The Malaik Wings and Expansion
Everyting else I have that is on the newer side I have downloaded from here. Please let me know if any of you would like any of the items I have listed above.
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10 January 2013
Good idea. was just getting into this when we had the sad demise of demonoid.
I'll keep an eye on what people are after though a lot of my stuff is quite old (though some people may want old stuff I suppose)
Any new stuff I get I'll try and seed for a good while.
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14 March 2013
i have reality 2.5 but i dont know how to upload torrent
Akkaal7829 Verified uploader
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24 January 2013
I'm in the process of organizing and reinstalling my entire 3d content library so once I'm a bit more organized I'll have lots to share. I know I have tons of Aery stuff, so I'll try and get some uploaded for you ASAP as a Thank You! for the great stuff you've been putting up.
Oh and totally agree with you about not fussing about the age of some sets. The best creature models I've every found/used was from Sanctum Art which is almost impossible to find now but I haven't seen anything since that even comes close to the detail and over all awesomeness of his creature models!!
Atm my own wishlist is small, since I'm not really sure what I have and what I don't till my library is organized again but what I am looking around for are:


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Akkaal7829 Verified uploader
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24 January 2013
Here's the Aery Soul stuff I've got in my content database so far.
If I find more as I'm organizing my library I'll upload them as well.
I had some issues uploading this so if it's not working right, lemme know.
virtualtiger8977 Uploader
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12 March 2013
reality 2.5
garibalri hair system
Per your request here is Reality 2.5 for Daz Studio 4.5 x64

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